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Dressing Room List

Here's my Dressing Room list! If you're looking for the list with games, click here.

As of March 28th, 2012, these are all of the DW/IJ/LJ dressing rooms that I'm aware of. If you'd like me to add your DR, post a comment with the information below. Thank you!

[community profile] bakerstreetMemes
[community profile] barrettesMemes
[community profile] memeliciousMemes
[community profile] bluerskiesPanfandom/Angel Beats-based
[community profile] dear_munPanfandom/Voice testing
[community profile] dressingnicelyPanfandom/London-based
[community profile] dressingroomPanfandom
[community profile] fmaversedrPanfandom/FMA-based
[community profile] genericcityPanfandom
[community profile] languagedressingPanfandom/Multilingual
[community profile] morethanafeelingPanfandom/Game-based
[community profile] musing_wayPanfandom/Prompts
[community profile] promptmePanfandom/Prompts
[community profile] siglen_dressingPanfandom/Sex (18+)
[community profile] sixwordstoriesPanfandom
[community profile] smuttyswsPanfandom/18+
[community profile] storybrokenPanfandom/Once Upon A Time-based
[community profile] testrun_boxPanfandom/Sample posts
[community profile] the_love_hotelPanfandom/Sex (18+)
[community profile] thedressingroomPanfandom
[community profile] treknobabblePanfandom/Star Trek-based
[community profile] whineanddinePanfandom/Restaurant-based
[livejournal.com profile] memebellsMemes
[livejournal.com profile] dear_munPanfandom/Voice testing
[livejournal.com profile] sixwordstoriesPanfandom
[livejournal.com profile] the_love_hotelPanfandom/Sex (18+)
[insanejournal.com profile] memecakesMemes
[insanejournal.com profile] dear_munPanfandom/Voice testing
[community profile] abyssdressingTales of the Abyss
[community profile] aoex_dressingAo no Exorcist
[community profile] atacrossroadsSupernatural
[community profile] boxofmarvelMarvel
[community profile] dgmdrD.Gray-Man
[community profile] do_it_liveMusical Fandoms
[community profile] edge_of_sanctuaryFF/KH / Dissidia-based
[community profile] evidence_roomAce Attorney
[community profile] fissionmailedMetal Gear Solid
[community profile] grid_linedTron
[community profile] homestuckingHomestuck/MSPA
[community profile] in_a_nutshellIn Nomine [Satanis]/Magna Veritas
[community profile] khrdressingroomKatekyo Hitman Reborn!
[community profile] kingdomdressingFinal Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts/TWEWT
[community profile] lost_woodsThe Legend of Zelda
[community profile] nationsAxis Powers: Hetalia
[community profile] pandoraheartsdrPandora Hearts
[community profile] pokedressingPokemon
[community profile] sanctuary_drSaint Seiya
[community profile] smtdressingroomShin Megami Tensei
[community profile] stargate_commandStargate
[community profile] stilwaterSaints Row
[community profile] talesofdreamsTales of
[community profile] thedasdressingDragon Age
[community profile] themythroomMythology/Folklore
[community profile] threepipeproblemSherlock Holmes
[community profile] thundercats_drThundercats
[community profile] touhoudressingTouhou Project
[community profile] ultimaniaFinal Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts
[community profile] upstairs_wardrobeChronicles of Narnia
[community profile] urbanfantasticUrban Fantasy characters
[community profile] velvetroomPersona
[community profile] vocaloidressingVocaloid
[community profile] zelda_dressingThe Legend of Zelda
[livejournal.com profile] pokedressingPokemon
[livejournal.com profile] ygodressingYu-Gi-Oh!

Thanks to DWRoleplay, that one list on Google Docs, and various anons for helping me with this. C:

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